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researcher Researcher
Publish your research and spread your results to the whole world.
Earn income based on your own live streaming video, archive video and contents from viewers all over the world.
Create interest in your research from companies and universities.
※Researchers can upload content, but they cannot donate ETH to other researchers.
subscriber Supporter
Support researchers in the world who can contribute to the SDGs.
Study in real-time on-going research in various disciplines.
Contribute to researchers track record and global reputation.

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The functions of membership types.


Each membership type has a different role to play in UNIPLAT.

The membership type cannot be changed.
Choose the correct membership type that you belong to.

Role of each membership type
  Researcher Supporter
View each contents o o
Submissions for Video and Document o x
Create a Live streaming o x
Purchase ETH x o
Donation of ETH x o
Redemption of ETH o x
Invite users o o