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New S2P advisory board member introduction

2023-05-25 02:57




Infection , COVID-19 , Pandemic , Risk management , FDA


Top Infectious Disease Risk Manager Safely2Prosperity LLC Announces that World-Renowned Senior Executive Andre Arbelaez is Appointed to S2P’s Advisory Board


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ndre Arbelaez is a business leader in technology with executive roles at AWS, Globant, Softtek, T-System, Covisint and an advocate of executive leadership. He joined S2P's Advisory Board as Member, effective May 1, 2023. And he has been appointed to a three-year term.  Andre's substantive areas of expertise cover a broad spectrum of the needs of businesses in the private sector operating in the platform as a service (PaaS), computer science, risk management, and related industries—and beyond.  His passion is to “Push Up and Pull Up” executives to the C-Suite and place them onto Corporate Boards. He truly welcomes the opportunity to join an organization that helps in preparing nations, government agencies, companies, universities, and hospitals to prevent or mitigate deaths and other harms from the biological effects of infectious diseases and other workplace diseases caused by nature, human error, terrorist attacks, or acts of war.