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Mr. Michael Conniff

The Accelerator with Michael

Conniff Managing Director

Message from Michael Conniff
  • Your expectation for Facilitator account?

    My expectation is Facilitator will provide the intellectual and technological conduit connecting some of the best minds on the planet, particularly those inventors and innovators in less developing countries. Perhaps for the first time, these kinds of creative minds will have a place to put their best ideas—a level playing field accessible to those who might well be able to help them with input or even financial support.

  • Value for entrepreneurs and startups

    The value of UNIPLAT to startups and entrepreneurs is a global platform of like-minded corporations, universities, research insitutions, angel investors, and venture capitalists who can discover talent and creativity in a single place regardless of country of origin, and take steps to help bring the intellectual property to market.

  • Message for entrepreneurs and startups

    Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business, and startups are oft left searching for encouragement that is simply not arriving. For entrepreneurs and startups, UNIPLAT creates a global community of peers experiencing the same challenges—and the support it can take to get overcome them.

・A conversation with UNIPLAT Senior Advisor Dr.Torkel Falkenberg