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We have renewed our website

The main changes are as follows:
Separated the Top Page and the Home Feed.
The general information about UNIPLAT can be found on the top page before logging in, and the actual service of UNIPLAT can be used on the home feed after logging in.
Added “Pickup Contents” section.
Maximum of 8 contents selected by the UNIPLAT team is listed on the new top page (befo re login).
Added “Most Viewed Contents” section.
12 most viewed contents of Researchers ranked from 1st to 10th on “Monthly Researcher Ranking” are listed on the new top page (before login).
Modified the UI of “News” section.
Applied more user-friendly UI to the “News” section on the new home feed and top page (before login and after login).
Applied a new-style Menu.
The new menu is either fully or semi closed as default on PC. Users can fully open the menu by simply clicking the arrow icon on the top of the menu.The new menu for mobile is hovering on the right buttom of each page.
Thumbnail can now be attached to documents. (For Researcher Account)
Researchers can attach a thumbnail to documents like other content types. *Please attach a thumbnail to your document if you haven’t yet.
Added an “Upload” button in the header. (For Researcher Account)
Added an “Upload” button in the header of the new top page (after login), which makes it easier for Researchers to upload contents.

Do You Know?

Researchers on UNIPLAT have many advantages and great opportunities.
The more active you are, the more deals you can get.
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Broaden your audience
By sharing your research ideas through live streaming with an automatic translation function in 9 languages.
Tips: speak articulately and steadily when doing live streaming so the translation function catches your words more accurate.
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Increase your credibility
By uploading as many content and getting automatically ranked by UNIPLAT Credit Rating.
Tips: try to upload PDF documents when you have connection issues as every type of content on UNIPLAT has a high rating score!
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Get donations in cryptocurrency* and research funds
By getting into the top ranks, you will have bigger chances to get donations from Supporters and research funds from institutes or corporates.*Will be available soon.
Tips: don’t forget to link your MetaMask wallet to your UNIPLAT account to be able to receive donations.
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Protect your original research ideas
By registering Pre IP and getting the certificate that certifies the authenticity of an uploaded content even before a legal patent or any other legal registration is issued.
Tips: subscribe monthly or yearly to UNIPLAT first to enable the Pre IP function.
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Promote your SDGs activities
By sharing your research or projects on UNIPLAT to other platforms.
Tips: complete your profile as detailed as possible so people who visit your My Lab know your background and expertise better.
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Get insightful feedback from peers
By opening a discussion in the comment section of your every uploaded content.
Tips: write your content’s description as catchy as possible to attract other users to give their thoughts or feedback.

Ideas are meant to be shared.
Share yours with UNIPLAT!