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AIdea Pro


The new service AIdea Pro, introduced through a strategic partnership between UNIPLAT and Timewitch, Japan's leading company specializing in AI slide creation, is an innovative solution that allows researchers and entrepreneurs to automatically generate outstanding business plans and research content using AI to raise international funding.

With AIdea Pro, researchers and entrepreneurs globally can now invest the time they used to spend on creating slides into refining their research and business plans. AIdea Pro not only opens up valuable collaboration and funding opportunities for researchers and entrepreneurs but also serves as a driving force to positively influence the world.

How It Works

Elevate your pitch with ease!
Choose a tailored plan for your business stage, effortlessly submit your existing pitch decks or craft compelling sentences using our intuitive form, and experience the magic within just 3 days! Transform your vision into a standout presentation that captivates and resonates with impact.






• Submitting Your Work

Q1. How do I make a request?

A1. Simply fill out the submission form with all the necessary details and your content in text format.

Q2. Can I replace the submitted content?

A2. Unfortunately, content replacement is not allowed once the form has been submitted.

• Receiving Your Work

Q1. How will I get the finished product?

A1. We'll send the completed work to the email address you provided during the submission.

• Other

Q1. What if I have specific questions or need individual clarifications?

A1. Feel free to reach out to us at slide-writing-consulting@timewitch.jp for any inquiries.

Company Description

Timewitch is a pioneering company in the field of AI-driven slide creation. With its AI slide creation tool, "Alice," Timewitch automatically generates PowerPoint presentations from user-inputted text, revolutionizing day-to-day business communication.

By advancing further research and development in the automation of the slide creation process, Timewitch aims to create new value in the industry by providing an environment where users can focus on creative tasks.