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Silicon Valley Investclub unites private and institutional investors, brokers, and professional analysts of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley (in the San Francisco Bay area, California) - the innovation entrepreneurship world center and venture investments homeland, where all the necessary conditions for innovation economy flourishing exist.


UNIPLAT, developed and operated by Unify Platform AG, and Silicon Valley Investclub have formed a strategic alliance aimed at mutual business development and project cultivation on a global scale. This collaboration will leverage the strengths of both parties to foster innovation, support promising startups, and enhance the overall business landscape.
UNIPLAT is committed to introducing promising startups and its support member investors to Silicon Valley Investclub, fostering reciprocal support for startups within the UNIPLAT community.
Silicon Valley Investclub will play a pivotal role in introducing promising startups from its network to the UNIPLAT platform.
Experience Silicon Valley Investclub's digital content, including videos and documents, seamlessly distributed through UNIPLAT's official facilitator accounts for enhanced promotion.
Other open collaborations to reach mutually beneficial solutions.