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New Business Partner: Noya Dalan

2023-09-05 04:15

Noya Dalan joins UNIPLAT as a business partner.

About Noya Dalan

Noya Dalan is a prominent regional research institute with a focus on various aspects of Bangladesh's environment, socio-economic conditions, education, archaeology, and healthcare system. Established in 2020, the institute has since gained significant recognition for its contributions to these fields. Notably, Noya Dalan's recent discovery of an archaeological site in Mirsarai, Chattogram, underscores its dedication to unearthing historical treasures and understanding the region's past. Noya Dalan also provides training to the university students to motivate them and promotes research activities in Bangladesh. To conduct the activity, Noya Dalan has an executive board, advisory board and several research groups.

The institute's efforts extend beyond research, as it collaborates extensively with both national and foreign university students, as well as renowned researchers & different stockholders, fostering a dynamic academic environment. Noya Dalan's partnerships with government institutions such as Upazila Administration, District Administration, Urban Development Directorate (Ministry of Housing & Public Works), Department of Archaeology (Ministry of Cultural Affairs) and LGED (Local Government Engineering Department) showcase its commitment to collaborative, multi-disciplinary work.

One of the institute's key collaborations is with Comilla University and OPCA (Organization for the Poor Community Advancement), further enhancing its capacity to conduct impactful research and drive positive change. As it continues to grow and thrive, Noya Dalan remains a driving force in regional research, working diligently to enhance our understanding to shape a brighter future for Bangladesh.

Official Website:https://noyadalan.org