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Welcome to UNIPLAT!

2021-09-28 08:14

Thank you very much for participating in the UNIPLAT.


UNIPLAT is a platform that aims to enable researchers all over the world to receive fair and just evaluation of their research results and knowledge without being affected by the economic situation of each country, and to realize sustainable research through incentives.


Various companies, research institutes, and universities are expected to join the platform in the future, and we will provide opportunities to match researchers.


Supporters will be able to view the research of researchers from around the world on their own and support the researchers by making "donations" to their research.

Supporters' donations open up the possibility for researchers to continue their research.

Supporters can also leave proof of their "support for the research" on UNIPLAT.


As UNIPLAT is a constantly evolving service, we are always looking for your feedback and requests. If you notice anything, including bugs, please contact us via FAQ or Contact us.


We will be updating the platform from time to time, so please check the FAQ for changes and instructions.

We hope that many people will use UNIPLAT and that it will help you in your research, problem solving, and learning.


We are looking forward to your active participation!