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Update Information

2022-05-14 10:34

Thank you for using UNIPLAT.


We would like to inform you that we have made updates as follows:


・New membership type added: Facilitator account

・Other functional improvements and minor bugs fixed



About Facilitator Account

Facilitator account facilitates organizations such as corporations, universities, and research institutions to promote research projects run by their affiliated researchers and publish their activities to UNIPLAT users worldwide by posting the research in the form of document or video content. This can open chances for receiving broader feedback and fundraising for the research.

*We will review every registration to preserve users’ comfort and safety on the platform. Due to the huge number of applications, the first verification process will start on May 23rd. It may take a while until we verify your application. We ask for your patience and understanding in this matter.

For more information about Facilitator account, please visit the FAQ page:



We will continue to make various improvements, including bug fixes and functional enhancements.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us via the link below.