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POLEO Human Resource Development Training Presentation and Request for Assistance

2022-12-27 06:24






POLEO Human Resource Development Corporate Training Presentation and Request for Assistance

I am pleased to present the progress of the POLEO Human Resource Development Project. The content of the human resource development has been researched and developed by me. This is a very in-depth content that is difficult to convey.At first glance, the content may seem simple. However, if you take the time to consider it, you will realize that it is deep and difficult to convey. Therefore, I know that it takes time to communicate and that a lot of material is needed.

We are talking about the current human brain and consciousness. The current human thought process is made up of flat circuits. I would like to talk about developing these circuits into multifaceted, three-dimensional circuits. The sentences I make and the words I speak are made of three-dimensional thought circuits. It is very difficult to understand them. I do not use difficult words. I use words that everyone can understand. So, at first glance, you may think that I am telling a simple story. However, as I proceed with my talk, you will realize that it is not an easy story.

When humans communicate and create partnerships, we need "words" as a means. We recognize words, but we need to focus on the preconditions of "recognition. Words come and go on a plane. It appears in letters. We hear them with our ears. This is a visible function. However, the objects expressed by "words" are three-dimensional. We have replaced three-dimensional facts and abstract events with flat structures. We need to break this flat perception.

Those who are creating a life of deskilling have created this circuit. That is very sad. It is because the truth is hidden. Suppose there are sentences with a lot of difficult words. They are treated only with deskilling. Then it becomes an empty argument. With time, coarseness will appear.

To create means to create something new. This does not mean critiquing, imitating others, or doing as one is told. Creating requires power. Three-dimensional vision and thinking are always necessary.

Even if one person has the power to conceive and invent, if the thought processes of many people are flat when they form an organization and spread, they will not be connected.

In order for mankind to develop, it is necessary for all human beings to acquire the power to create.
This means that we need to have a three-dimensional vision, not a flat one.

Three-dimensional thought processes cannot be developed if the mind is sick. We experienced some hardships in our childhood. At that time, this three-dimensional thinking process is closed. This can be trauma, jealousy, or the desire for self-approval. Then the thought process is no longer directed toward the goal of creation.

Human capacity requires a balanced flowering of pure mind, sensitivity, and thinking ability. Then the perception of each word will change. We will be able to grasp language not on a plane but in three dimensions.

I use the word spirituality, but spirituality is closely related to "creating. It is not about praying, believing, or meditating. The reason for such a concept is that we are not educated and have not developed our thinking skills. It is absolutely necessary to develop the ability to think logically, to recognize words without discrepancies and to construct three-dimensional language. Without that, it is meaningless to pray and believe only with sensitivity. That is because the mind is sick, and that is why it becomes such a symptom.

In order for the corporations that form the human society of the earth to create in harmony with nature, and for the corporations of the world to share the spirit and purpose of the SDGs and build partnerships, it is necessary to raise the purity of mind of the people who form the corporations, cultivate their sensitivity, shift from a flat thought process to a three-dimensional thought process, and foster multidimensional logical thinking. It is necessary to nurture the ability to think logically and multilaterally.

This requires patience and mental strength and takes time. We must be sincere in the small things, and proceed steadily and carefully. Human beings are rough, messy, and appropriate. That is what it means to perceive a three-dimensional event in a flat way. That is not the way to create.

I have contributed many videos and materials to UNIPLAT. Currently, I am having a POLEO facilitator to faithfully grasp and study them. That is very hard work. Because we have to change our brain's perception. It is a process of reminding ourselves that we are living in a messy world. How many mysteries are we living in? All of us have the ability to grasp them with great detail and accuracy.

The sales materials for POLEO human resource development are ready and have been given to a sales agent. This sales agent is a former NTT agency and one of the top companies in Japan, and we have high expectations for them. Sales talks and telemarketing talks are ready and the meeting with me is over. Currently, salesman recruitment and training is underway, but it seems to be taking longer than planned. Also, they are going to proceed with sales from major companies, but it seems that the training of personnel for major companies will start in April or later. It seems that it will take some more time until the contract is signed.

As this project moves forward, contributions from Japanese companies will be uploaded to UNIPLAT. We will be very happy if we can tell the world about the inventions and ideas that Japan has been steadily building. I would also be happy if the content of POLEO's human resource development training is completed and if employees of companies all over the world can take this training and blossom in their abilities. I would like to convey hope not only to the employees of companies, but also to those who are currently suffering from loneliness.

There are still many things I would like to convey. However, everything takes time. I hope you will be with us for a long time. We will continue to make presentations in the future.

We request your support for the POLEO human resources development project. We are currently conducting a POLEO human resource development study. This will be a meticulous process. It is not something that can be done concurrently with other work.
It will take time until a corporate contract is in place. Currently, the facilitator is studying for several hours each day. This study is also time-consuming and a delicate process that involves dealing with the mind.

In addition, I (MINAMI FUKASAKA), the developer, am by nature a painter. I have been drawing pictures and writing poems with a pure heart and sensitivity. Perhaps, I have cultivated the ability to blossom the subconscious mind, which is the connection between the universe and the human spirit. Currently, I am not able to take time to create paintings, but I would like to work hard at creating paintings again in the future. Every day, I sincerely study and work hard every day for the creation of a happy future for mankind. In order to continue this work, for the POLEO human resource development project to progress, and for the continuation of MINAMI Inc. to continue, we request financial support for this project. Any amount is acceptable.

It is also impossible for us to expand this project alone in the future. We would like as many people as possible to understand our research. And we are looking for partners who are willing to cooperate with us. We will start developing an e-learning system next month. We also need money for sales, facilitator applications, training, and research and development.

This will be the first human invention to study the mind and heart using logic rather than goodness, evil, or sensitivity. If we rush ahead and proceed with it as an incomplete one, we will lose the main purpose of the project. It will take time and many people with understanding to carefully carry out the meticulous work. We appreciate your understanding and would be grateful for your support, even if it is a small amount. Thank you in advance. Thank you for watching.



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