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A Virtual Live gathering of hikikomori and refusal children

2023-01-24 08:50




virtual, music, song, children, hikikomori


I'll contribute to society through the Power of Music.

It is a virtual Live event that gathers only children who are hikikomori and refusal children.

Hikikomori is a million people in Japan.
It is said that it is increasing in the world.

Actually, my brother is a mild hikikomori.
He became shizophrenic because it didn't go well at my part-time job where he worked 10 years ago.

I also couldn't get used to living in this society, and 5 years ago, I was in a state where I didn't want to talk to anyone other than my family for about 3 months, and I experienced a light hikikomori.

This project makes it possible for hikikomori and school refusal children to easily participate as if it were a game, and sympathetic artists from all over the world play their music. (Artists also participate as avatars)

Through music, I want to bring healing, hope, and love to their hearts, and give them the courage to live!!

Then, they will be able to interact with each other through their avatars, and after the LIVE, they will be able to talk about their experiences and receive tips. Regardless of whether you are a hikikomori or a truant, we will create an opportunity for you to earn your own money and regain your confidence that you can live in this world.

If this can be realized, I believe that we can contribute to the social reintegration of the millions of children who are withdrawn or who do not go to school around the world.

However, since this is just one idea, I would like to create it together with people who support and sympathize with me.

I cannot do it by myself. Please lend us your strength.
Please support and cooperate for a better future and smiles of children.



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