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"The Essence of Spirit" course, chapter 1, intermediate level.

2023-01-09 15:11




自己啓発, 心の育成, 論理的思考力


In order to achieve the goals of the SDGs, it is necessary to improve the ability of each and every human being. Every human being should acquire the ability to create. Human happiness lies in creation.

To do this, we need to be educated, acquire language and logical thinking skills. We also need to know and manage our state of mind and improve the purity of our heart. For without a pure heart, we cannot create with others.

I am happy to have created one intermediate chapter of "The Essence of Spirit."
There are 10 chapters in "The Essence of Spirit." Each of them will be a beginner, intermediate, and advanced chapter. Things are three-dimensional and multidimensional. Various angles need to be conveyed.

The human spirit is the key to the earth becoming a living, breathing thing rather than a destroying one. It is humans who let the earth be destroyed, and it is humans who make the earth beautiful. We need to carefully consider the human spirit and know the nature of our mind and spirit.