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Eternal Bonds

2023-04-05 06:19






Our spirit and our landscape are connected.
Thinking, feeling, fantasizing, creating
The endless and eternal path
Nature on earth is beautiful
Mountains, sky, seasons, animals, flowers, people
The world is connected to the world, and it keeps expanding
It's not a terrible thing, it's so simple
Everything is encompassed in the eyes of the cat next to me right now, in the beauty of each hair.
Even if you are in the depths of sadness right now, very hurt, deeply betrayed, dreading the sleepless nights to come
Because it's headed towards the sunshine.
There will surely come a time when your current sadness will turn into thousands of times more joy
Because now is the time to build a large vessel to accept love
You are not alone
There is hope in front of you, there is light in front of you
Please, walk on
Please keep walking
You have a happy future
Because you have a future full of love
Even though you can't see it, there is so much that supports you
A journey to touch that great love little by little
Looking down, though all the stones are hard to walk on
The cherry blossoms are in full bloom
The sun is shining at the end of the path you walk
All the world and all life is watching over you with love
I believe this to be an inescapable truth
If you and I become one
I am sure that the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom
And the beauty of the world will be heard in the world
I want to focus on the little life
Like a flower that blooms with dignity even though it is stepped on and stepped on
For years and years, digging in the earth, believing only in the hope in my heart
Because there is always a beautiful radiance at the end
Because there is a world of gold
I give you all the love I have
Tonight, let's meet on the other side of the world
I'll be waiting for you
An everlasting bond with you