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Project N.E.S.T. Education Community Pantry

2023-04-18 15:03






The COVID-19 pandemic has affected various institutional systems operation and it has made us redirect priorities and future plans. The Education sector is no different and is compelled to navigate the world of teaching and learning in this new environment. Amidst these complexities, educational needs of learners still remain as important and cannot falter. The ultimate objectives of education remain the same.
The NEST (Nurturing Environment and System for Thriving) program envisions to include all stakeholders to participate in the application of strategies in providing support and care for all our learners in all levels of education. More specifically, Barangay Engagement in Education is a platform where various members of the Barangay, from their public officials, educators, parents and professionals, share and exchange their education needs and solutions focusing on the learners in the barangay.
The Education Community Pantry is the realization of this concept. It is a platform, both online and onsite, to inform the community of one’s educational needs and to provide assistance to those who are in need. Both tangible needs, such as learning materials and schools supplies, and intangible needs, such as tutoring and guidance, parenting advices and other services, can be sent and addressed by any member of the community. As educational needs are expected throughout the school year, this platform is envisioned to be operational all year long and even post pandemic times.