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People losing power.

2023-05-19 14:04






Today's human beings seem to be alive and not able to develop their abilities.
It is as if insects and butterflies are in specimens
Human power has not blossomed
It is as if butterflies and insects are in the specimen
I have described the scene in a poem

If this human condition is left unchecked
Our earth will eventually disappear
Lack of power means inability to create.
An earth that cannot create will only perish.
The diminishing dimension means that we are entering a specimen

Now people are sighing all the time
And desperate to keep it all to themselves
Desperate to store up what belongs to the earth
Desperate to live without virtue
They're so happy to explain the muddy stuff
This spirit is connected to all matter
We should purify this spirit
Instead of concentrating only on the ugliness that appears on the surface
If we don't focus on the source of ugliness, nothing will begin.