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Solar Energy Accumulating Robot as an Approach to Electricity Consumption and Carbon Emission

2023-06-16 12:11






General Objective:
The study seeks to investigate the effectiveness of solar energy accumulating robot as an
approach to electricity consumption and carbon emissions.
Specifically, it sought to answer the following:
1. To identify the impact of solar energy accumulating robot in diminishing electricity
consumption and carbon footprint;
2. To determine the quality of functions the solar energy accumulating robot has in terms of:
a. Energy Generation
b. Security, and
c. Ventilation;
3. To assess the estimated time, it would take to fully charge a certain device:
a. Cellphone
b. Wearable
c. Wireless Earphone, and
d. Camera;
4. To evaluate the acceptability of the solar energy accumulating robot as a normal use in
everyday lives:
a. Durability
b. Efficiency
P a g e 9
c. User-friendliness, and
d. Cost-Effectiveness

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UPD 2023 | Lalaine C. Naanep -Solar Energy Accumulating Robot as an Approach to Electricity Consumption and Carbon Emission
The objective of this study is to be able to produce a moving solar energy accumulating robot that
is convenient and efficient to use. It also aims to be an aid and sustainment in climate change by
reducing carbon emissions (CO2) and utility bills paid in electric consumption by effectively utilizing
solar energy to charge devices.
This study aims to produce a solar energy-accumulating robot that can be used as an output
device, with it being able to move and collect solar energy to be able to charge devices, specifically
P a g e 8
This study seeks to be an alternative to chargers and power banks that uses electricity to do
their function. Individuals will have an easier, more convenient, and inexpensive way of recharging
their devices without electricity as renewable and clean energy will be used as an alternative. The
researchers’ study will not just lessen the carbon dioxide emissions resulting in a healthier
environment but also reduce their electricity bills.
People commonly use chargers and power banks to refill their phone’s energy, yet there are a
lot of environmental consequences that come with it. However, the solar energy accumulating robot
is available anytime and anywhere if the sun is still present, unlike the electricity that can be cut off
during there’s a power interruption. It would be helpful as this innovation is portable which means it
can be when doing outdoor activities such as traveling, hiking, camping, and picnicking or even when
there’s a power interruption and emergency.