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Byte Clever: Fighting Hunger with Research & AI

2024-04-13 15:21




Student Hunger, Food Waste Reduction, AI-Powered Solutions, Food Sharing Communities, Sustainable Food Systems


Hungry Students? There's a Smarter Solution!

In this video, Educating Beyond Borders presents Byte Clever, a student-led initiative tackling food insecurity and food waste in London. Did you know 1 in 5 students struggle to afford healthy meals? Byte Clever fights this issue through research-driven solutions.

Our video explores how Educating Beyond Borders utilizes research to understand student needs, food waste patterns and how to innovate the food system. This research fuels the development of innovative tools like our AI-powered food rescue app. The app connects businesses with surplus food to students, ensuring perfectly good food nourishes hungry students, not landfills.

Byte Clever isn't just about filling bellies, it's about building a stronger community and a more sustainable future. We empower students to focus on their studies while using their food choice options to reduce their environmental footprint – one delicious bite at a time!

Want to be part of the solution? Join Byte Clever as a volunteer, donor, or simply learn more about our impact!

Here's what you'll find in the video:

The challenges of student hunger and food waste
How Byte Clever leverages research and AI
The positive impact on students and the environment
Ways you can get involved with Byte Clever

This video is perfect for:

Researchers interested in innovative solutions to food waste and hunger.
Students looking for ways to get involved in their community.
Anyone who wants to support a cause that's good for people and the planet!